Acid Mine Drainage

Acid Mine Photo

Acid mine drainage from old mine sites can be hazardous to human and environmental health.Image:

AMD Education

  1. Abandoned Mine Drainage Education Coalition
  2. St. Vincent College's Wetlands, Mine Drainage, Frogs, and Fun

AMD Science and Treatment

  1. What is Acid Mine Drainage? Region III EPA
  2. The Science of Acid Mine Drainage and Treatment Pennsylvania DEP
  3. Free AMDTreat software to estimate costs of mine drainage treatment systems
  4. Acid Drainage Technology Initiative WV Water Research Institute

July 26, 2006 Watershed Restoration Workshop: Acid Mine Drainag Presentations

  1. Martin Christ, Creating a Monitoring Program for AMD
  2. Rick Buckley, Understanding OSM Tools and Programs
  3. Doug Ferris, Database Management for AMD Monitoring

August 24, 2006 Pennsylvania Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation Presentations

  1. Innovative Treatment Techniques
  2. Brownfields Redevelopment Potential
  3. Operation and Maintenance for Passive Treatment Systems
  4. Active Treatment Techniques
  5. Flow Measurement Methods

Other Resources

  1. Abandoned Mine Posts provides articles and notices about abandoned mine drainage and abandoned mine reclamation. This free e-mail subscription service is provided by the Western PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation. Subscribe today!
  2. AMD Treatment Inventory provides vital statistics on about 300 Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) treatment projects in West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It is available online here.

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