Converting Units with Google
Did you know that Google will do unit conversions?  For example, if you knew a flow measurement to be 10 gallons per minute, but wanted to know what that would be in liters per day, just type 10 gallons per minute in liters per day into Google's Search field and you would quickly find out that 10 (US gallons per minute) = 54 509.9299 liters per day

It's just that easy! Try it!
And make sure you check out the details.
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Tech tips: Demystifying Computer Jargon
Ever wonder what the heck those computer types are talking about?  What about some of those acronyms in Staples or BestBuy ads for computer gear? Chances are good you can demystify the confusion at the Computer Geeks website in their tech-tips section .

By the way, Computer Geeks is kind of like the online BigLots of the computer world.  You can find some pretty good deals there and they have been good to do business with.

How many earths does it take to support you?
Take this quiz from the Global Footprint Network to find out your Ecological Footprint, discover your biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what you can do to tread more lightly on the earth.

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