Online Learning

1. Using Brownfields Grants for Watershed Restoration
The Webcast will showcase the Black Warrior-Cahaba Rivers Land Trust in Jefferson County, Alabama, which has received a $200,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant for the Five Mile Creek Project. Powerpoint slides, audio, and podcasts available. 
Clean Water Act
1. Understanding the Clean Water Act
River Network produced this handy online course that is complete with easy-to-understand explinations, appealing graphics, and true/ false quizzes. The course covers TMDLs, Antidegredation, and other key concepts. The course also includes a section on applying the Clean Water Act in Coal Country.
2. Benefits of Watershed-Based NPDES Permitting
An EPA web-cast. Webcast instructors will discuss the benefits of watershed-based permitting, present an explanation of the process and several mechanisms to implement watershed-based permitting, and outline how EPA will encourage this approach. Powerpoint slides and audio available. 
3. Handbook for Developing Watershed-Based Plans
An EPA web-cast. Goes through the steps needed to develop and implement watershed plans. Powerpoint slides and audio available. 
4. July 26 Watershed Restoration Workshop presentation
Evan Hansen, West Virginia Rivers Coalition: Laws to Keep Our Rivers Clean: a CWA Primer
5. Opportunities for Citizen Involvement in the Clean Water Act
An EPA web-cast. Outlines ways citizens and organizations can use the law in their efforts to protect their watersheds. Powerpoint slides and audio available.
1. Macroinvertebrate Fieldbook. 
Need a key when monitoring for stream critters? Try this field guide to aquatic invertebrates prepared by the WV Save Our Streams program.
2. Getting Started in Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
This session will provide a primer on starting a volunteer water quality program. They will also introduce a tiered approach to ensure the best use of volunteer-collected data. Powerpoint slides, audio, and podcast available. 
3. July 26, 2006 Watershed Restoration Workshop: Acid Mine Drainage presentations

1. HTML Tutorial 
Includes interactive practice exercises.

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